Haiku Off: A Time-Honored Maya Tradition

Someone unfamiliar with the annual event may show up expecting a casual, laid-back night of 19-syllable poetry readings. However, should that person dare to attend one of our university-renowned Haiku Offs, they would find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of rapid thinking, whimsical enthusiasm and high-flying pens. January 29th 2016 saw Maya Literary Magazine … More Haiku Off: A Time-Honored Maya Tradition

A Book to Read when you’re Looking for a Shock

During my second time reading Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (author of the beloved Fight Club and many other popular works including Rant, Lullaby, Diary, Survivor, Pygmy, and many more), I found myself grateful that I was reading it alone in my apartment instead of some public place. I was visibly cringing and jumping in … More A Book to Read when you’re Looking for a Shock

Night of the Arts

As Drexel students we go beyond the expectations of average college students. We are creative individuals who deserve to showcase our talents in all mediums of art. That is why the Entertainment and Arts Society (EAS) at Drexel is hosting the Night of the Arts later this month. It will be the first event where … More Night of the Arts

The Birth of Maya Literary Magazine

If you’ve spent any time on Drexel’s campus, you may be familiar with the literary magazine known as Maya. We’re a publication that reviews fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art pieces submitted by the undergraduate student body for publication in our magazine. Over the past few years, the magazine has practically doubled in size, and we’ve … More The Birth of Maya Literary Magazine

Halloween at Drexel

Halloween is the time of year where people enjoy getting scared and dressing up as creepy, adorable, or downright hilarious characters. It’s also the time for social events comprised of monsters, pumpkins, and of course, candy. Now, while we may not be trick-or-treating anymore, there are still a lot of fun activities happening on Drexel’s … More Halloween at Drexel