Who We Are

2021-2022 marks Maya Literary Magazine’s 54th year of collecting, publishing, and sharing the great artistic works of Drexel University’s incredibly diverse undergraduate student body. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art are the backbones in every yearly Maya publication, but who we are extends far past words and images on paper. Through Maya, we strive to create an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity that we hope can permeate throughout our campus full of science and engineering all year long. We all believe that it is incredibly important to find time to appreciate art in any path of study, and to create an artistic community that is open to all.

Every year we accept submissions at any and all times from undergraduate student authors and artists. As a student organization, the Maya staff and members gather to discuss, enjoy, and read or review aloud all of our submissions. Together, we discuss and debate each piece as we evaluate the author’s skill and mastery in the genre they have submitted in, while keeping their identities anonymous until after all decisions have been made. We vote as a team which pieces we hold to the Maya gold standard, and these pieces come together into our beautiful and always impressive yearly anthology. When students ask us if Maya will accept their art forms, the answer is almost always a heartfelt “Yes!” and we are always blown away by the creativity of the student body.

Maya also upholds a high commitment to engaging our student body with events that are meant to foster an artistic community across campus. All students are always welcome and encouraged to attend! To submit to Maya, email submissions with titles and categories at any time throughout the year to drexelmaya@gmail.com or through our Submit Your Work page.

2021-22 Board

President – Sanju Ramanathan
Vice President – Arrianna Powers
Treasurer – Gilliam Lamb
Event Coordinator – Jamie Clifford